Monday, April 15, 2013

Sex Change Cruise 2

Sex Change Cruise 2

A free cruise? Casey can think of a few things he'd prefer. But when he finds his body transformed into that of a curvy cutie, he is determined to take advantage of the trip and lose his pesky virginity. And luckily for him, he runs into Jess and Ash, who are just as eager to try our their new male bodies! Casey has always wanted a man to dominate him, but will he be brave enough to indulge his fantasies?

Warning: This 4,200 word erotic short story contains graphic sexual situations including sex changes, threesomes and double penetration on a very eager virgin! Mature audiences only, please!

A brief excerpt...

Casey followed the stranger across the club to the back, where they slipped through a doorway and into a long hallway dotted with numerous doors. Apparently the designers of the ship had expected this sort of thing, thought Casey wryly, as they pushed through one of the doors into a dimly lit room containing little more than a bed.
And a second man waiting there.
"She's perfect," said the second man. The lighting was slightly better than it had been in the club, and now Casey could see that the man he had come with was blond and muscular, while his companion was slightly thinner but more handsome, and wore his dark hair longer.
"You changed too, right?" asked Casey uncertainly. Both of the strangers laughed.
"Yeah, isn't it great? A chance to experience something few people ever will. I'm Jess," said the dark-haired one. "And this is Ashley. Er, Ash now, I guess you could call her. We're married, and we decided to spice up our relationship a little by taking this cruise. And we have, but we're a little curious to try some other things now. As long as you're into it, that is."
"I'm Casey. I...didn't know this would happen. But I'm glad it did." He gave a nervous laugh. Jess and Ash both smiled at him.
"You're precious. And you've got the sweetest body I've seen on the ship. So you're glad, huh? Craving a taste of the cock?"
Jess squeezed her crotch comically, and Casey felt a blush rise in his face again.
"If we're all being honest here, yes," he said, the admission making him bold. "I've wanted it for so long, but I've been too afraid to admit it. I want you. I want both of you."
And he undid the clasp of his bikini top, exposing his plentiful breasts. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Maid For A Billionaire

Maid For A Billionaire

Ella expects a lot from her summer job: long hours, hard work and paltry money. But what she doesn't expect is to find herself in the arms of a gorgeous older man, the rich and successful Tony Ashbrook, who makes an immediate impression on her. Ella has been told by her boss that Mr. Ashbrook is to get anything he wants, but does that include Ella's virginity? And does it count if she offers it?

Warning: Warning: This 7,700 word erotic short story contains graphic sexual situations including toys, deflowering, and a handsome genius billionaire who is used to each of his requests being granted! Mature audiences only, please!

A short taste...

"As I said, I would hate to ask for anything unreasonable. Therefore, I'll defer to you whether anything I ask of you is reasonable or unreasonable." He pushed the tray with the remains of breakfast away and eyed me with a new interest.
"Come over here and bend over the table. Reasonable or unreasonable?" He pushed his chair back from the table.
"Reasonable," I whispered, rising from my seat. I approached his chair and stood in front of him. His face was level with my midriff. I turned around so that my back was to him, and leaned forward over the table, pushing my ass in the air, legs slightly parted. My skirt bunched around my waist, exposing my underwear slightly. Behind me, I could hear him take a ragged breath.
"Let me touch you," he murmured. "Reasonable or unreasonable?"
"Reasonable," I replied in hardly more than a breath of air. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sex Change Cruise

Another new release:

Sex Change Cruise

Justin would rather be anywhere than on a week-long cruise with his girlfriend, Erin, and their friends Chris and Missy. But when Justin and Chris wake up as women, they realize how little attention they paid to the cruise plans- and to their girlfriends! What will they do with their new bodies? And is it permanent?

Warning: This 4,500 word erotic short story graphic sexual situations including sex changes and multiple partner sex on the strangest cruise ever! Mature audiences only, please!

A brief teaser...

Justin woke to a dark room several hours later. He hadn't realized he'd been dozing off, but evidently he had. The television was still on. Justin groaned and tossed the covers back to search for the remote. Then he froze.
He had just caught sight of his arm, which was slender and hairless, tapering to an impossibly small wrist and ending in a small hand with long, thin fingers. He turned the hand to look at the palm, and saw something even more surprising.
"Oh my God," he said, his voice coming out much higher than normal, "I've got fucking tits."
He scrambled out of bed and slammed the lights on as he ran to the bathroom. The mirror over the sink held a sight that almost made him faint. Instead of a burly former linebacker like he normally saw, there was a slim woman with huge tits pushing out the front of his t-shirt. His jeans were sagging down his waist, and he let them fall as he lifted the shirt for a closer inspection.
"Yep, those are tits," he said aloud. And were they ever! For a moment he was too busy ogling himself in the mirror to think about what had happened. He stripped the t-shirt off and stared at his reflection. Then, just to be sure it wasn't some strange trick, he looked down at his chest. The breasts were still there, round and heavy and tipped with rosy pink nipples. He brought a trembling hand up and squeezed one of them, gasping at the sensation of his palm against his nipple...

Taken By The Jungle

New and available on Amazon:

Taken By The Jungle

As the head researcher on a new planet, it's Katia's job to seek out the native humanoids rumored to live there. But when they find her first, will Katia be willing to go along with their surprisingly sexy way of greeting her? And what's all this about being chosen as a wife for the king?!

Warning: This 7,500 word erotic short story contains graphic sexual situations including aphrodisiacs, newly discovered tribes, a very forward group of sexy women and a researcher who puts her body on the line for science! Mature audiences only, please!

A teaser:

Suddenly Katia felt very hot, more than even before, with the heat from the sun turning almost into an afterthought. Her face flushed and the warmth spread throughout her body, gathering in her neck and chest, and setting a low-level tingling in her belly. When she glanced at Jack she saw the red in his face as well, and, a bit lower, the tell-tale bulge growing in his pants.
"An aphrodisiac, do you think?" she mumbled, embarrassment almost overpowering the warmth in her body. If she wasn't already red from the liquid, she would have been blushing like a tomato at the implications.
"That would be my guess, yes," he replied, equally stiffly.
She chanced a look into his eyes and felt like something electric passed suddenly between them.
Then without a moment's notice, Jack's mouth was on hers, his teeth nipping at her lip, his tongue sliding against hers as his arms closed around her. Katia was too turned on to be shocked. She dug her fingers into his shoulders and pulled him close, kissing him back with an equal passion, feeling the crotch of her khaki shorts growing damp.... 

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